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Do you speak (or understand) English, Spanish or German?


Then the multi-language room of the third 3 Principles Italian Conference is waiting for you!

This year the The 3 Principles Italian Conference will be beyond-national. We’ve asked 8 international speakers to join us in this adventure and they said YES! They are:

Chip and Jan Chipman from British Columbia, Aaron and Lila Turner from UK, Marina Galan and Isabel Castellanos Galindo from México, Anna Scarmoncin from Germany and Chiara Grandin from Italy.

They will speak in English, Spanish and German to help you simplify your life through the understanding of the 3 Principles. And, by the way, this year the Conference will be free to attend and totally online, to make the participation of everyone as barrier-free as possible.

So, we are delighted to introduce you to the schedule of the International Room of the 3 Principles Italian Conference, 2021 Edition.


Saturday 23 October 2021


6:00 PM – 7:00 PM (GMT+2)

Simplifying Life Through the Understanding of the Three Principles (English)

Chip and Jan Chipman

Sunday 24 October 2021


11.30 AM - 12.30 PM (GMT +2)

Zeitmanagement aus der Perspektive der 3 Prinzipien (Deutsch)

Anna Scarmoncin


02.00 PM - 03.00 PM (GMT+2)

It Only Takes One (English)

Aaron and Lila Turner


04.00 PM to 05.00 PM (GMT+2)

Semplificar la Vida a través de los 3 Principios (Español)

Marina Galan, Isabel Castellanos y Chiara Grandin


Chip and Jan Chipman

Human Relation Consultants, International Speakers and 3 Principles Mentors

Chip and Jan had the honor of being mentored by Sydney Banks from 1975 until 2009. From 1994 to 2004 they conducted retreats with him in Europe and North America. His guidance during these events about sharing in as deep and simple a manner as possible, guides their work to this day.  Over the years, Chip and Jan have created and conducted extensive programs in corporate, not for profit, educational, community and correctional settings, including a state prison, county jails and residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.

They currently share their understanding though speaking engagements, retreats and webinars worldwide. From their base on Salt Spring Island, they offer one on one Skype sessions as well as retreats for individuals, couples, and groups. The books and recordings of Sydney Banks are fundamental to all their work, helping countless people find happiness and understanding after being touched by those original materials. Chip is President of the Three Principles Foundation, and in 2008, co-founded the Three Principles School on Salt Spring Island, dedicated to sharing the simplicity and purity of the Three Principles, “As discovered and taught by Sydney Banks”.

Aaron Turner

Co-Founder of One Thought 

Aaron Turner received the first ever first-class degree achieved in Anthropology at Swansea University. He went on to do a Masters degree at Brunel University in Medical Anthropology. He worked at Brunel as a faculty member and a researcher at The Centre for Health Sickness and Disablement and got his PhD there. He was interested in how a deeper understanding of humanity could enable positive change or at least more mental freedom that might allow new ways of thinking or behaving and break old patterns.

As his academic career developed, Aaron was fascinated with the potential to understand and approach things differently. But he was starting to wonder how any of the research and analysis being done would translate into meaningful positive impact in the world when he stumbled onto the work his aunt and uncle were doing in the North West of America. Their work seemed to be based on a truly transformative insight into human functioning. The prospect of a new platform for change and understanding drew Aaron to study with George and Linda Pransky and their colleagues for several years. In 2000, he and his wife Lila moved to The States to work with them. Over the following 10 years, Aaron worked at the practice operating as the company’s CEO for 3 years. The work they did spanned many fields. They worked as individual, family and couples counsellors, did mediations and worked as training consultants pioneering much of the work being done in businesses and organisations.

Aaron was keen to apply their discoveries to organisational and business issues and challenges. At that time they were one of the first practices to apply their approach to organisational and leadership issues. In every area it was applied, the understanding brought significant improvement. Based on this experience, Aaron has dedicated his professional life to highlighting and applying the transformative potential of a Principle-based understanding of the mind to our current challenges and limitations highlighting the direct link between people’s state of mind and their outcomes. During his career, he has done this within individual and couples counselling, education and mediation and as a training consultant within businesses, organisational development, leadership development (corporate and military), sales training and team building. 

Aaron founded One Thought to bring an appreciation of this understanding to the mainstream. He has also been developing and providing practitioner training since 2014. Aaron has been a partner in designing and presenting the largest Three Principles conference worldwide since 2010. He is a founding board member of the 3PGC and currently its president. He has sat on a number of government advisory groups.  He is a published author, international speaker and lives with his family in London.

Lila Turner

Co-Partner and Programme Director at One Thought. Founder & CEO of Relationship Ready.

Until 2013 Lila Turner was a high-end fashion designer with a focus on women’s wear and then children’s wear. She got her Masters degree from Central Saint Martin’s in London. While studying there, she worked with Alexander McQueen and then went on to work at a number of design houses in London and New York. 

2013 marked a turning point in Lila’s professional life. It was at this point that Lila saw the pervasive and costly issues caused by people’s misunderstanding of the mind. Since then, Lila’s sole focus has been addressing the ‘Leaky bucket’ issues people face in their lives, their businesses and their relationships. She is driven by the ability to easily eliminate these issues rather than the suffering and inefficiency of trying to work around them. 

In addition to working with leaders and organisations, Lila has worked within schools with staff and students and also with a number of charities. Her work has been aimed at solving key persistent challenges and problems through an increase in clarity and wellbeing. Within schools, this has been staff stress and student exam attainment and anxiety. Within charities, it has been stress and burnout and hence, staff turnover.

Lila is the founder of Relationship Ready, a sister business of One Thought with the sole purpose of addressing the invisible hurdles that frustrated singles face. Since her time at university, Lila noticed that some people struggled more than others to have the kind of relationship they wanted.  She could also see that it had nothing to do with how attractive or interesting a person was. These relationship challenges did not seem to change for people over time despite the rise of internet dating which made it easier to meet other people looking for a relationship.  It was clear to her that it was people’s state of mind around relationships and dating that was causing these frustrating patterns.  Relationship Ready was designed to solve this struggle for people. The results have been beyond her dreams. It is normal to see old patterns and frustrations dissolve and for singles on this programme to fall into the kind of relationships they dreamed of but never dared to hope for. 

Lila works alongside Aaron running One Thought, designing, developing and providing programmes to individuals and organisations. She also co-runs the One Thought Foundations Programme to develop new practitioners. She has designed and run the youth day for the Life 2.0 conference since 2018.

Her clients vary widely from leaders, engineers, filmmakers, teenagers, teachers and entrepreneurs. She is a regular conference speaker and presenter both in the UK and abroad. 

Lila also works with professional women through her executive coaching programme.

Marina Galan

Coach and Consultant, Board Member of the 3PGC

I am a coach and consultant working with individuals, groups and organizations all over the world.

In the journey to find something that would help me have a deeper, richer, more beautiful experience of life, I came across a simple yet profound understanding about human nature that can completely revolutionize the way we see and inhabit it, but can also help us improve performance and development in every single area.
The man who uncovered these truths and gifted them to the world was a Scottish welder named Sydney Banks. Throughout the years, his work has touched, transformed and inspired many, some of us to the point of making it our live’s purpose to continue to share his message.

I am a mother of three wonderful boys aged 15, 13 and 12. We live in Querétaro, México.


Isabel Castellanos Galindo

Empresaria desde los 24 años en el área de diseño y comunicación visual para empresas trasnacionales.

Ser humano apasionada del arte y las religiones; deja atrás la acumulación de conocimiento cuando se encuentra con el estilo de vida que la experiencia de los tres principios le genera en todas las áreas.

Practicante durante los últimos ocho años se ha vuelto fan de la esencialidad y de la curiosidad por descubrir lo que ya se sabe.

Madre de dos adolescentes que sortean su pubertad a través de la ligereza que te da este entendimiento.

imposible dejar de sonreír.

Chiara Grandin

Life coach, formadora, blogger y narradora enamorada de la vida.

Comenzó su carrera como coach con tan solo 17 años y algo que nació como pura pasión se convirtió en una profesión en 2005. Ha sido la entrenadora de miles de personas y regularmente imparte cursos en línea y en vivo, en italiano y español. Chiara es capaz de captar rápidamente lo que la gente realmente quiere y con gran claridad mental apoya a sus clientes mientras crean la vida que aman. Es autora del libro “3 Settimane con il Genio” (Traducido sería “3 Semanas con el Genio”), una reinterpretación de la fábula de Aladdin para introducir a nuevos lectores la comprensión de los 3 Principios escubiertos por Sydney Banks.

Lo que enseña es fruto de la comprensión de los 3 Principios y también de 20 años de constante observación y profundización de todo aquello que hace al ser humano libre y feliz, independientemente de la edad, sexo, cultura y contexto social. 

Anna Scarmoncin

Sozialarbeiterin und 3-Prinzipien-Coach

Hallo, ich bin Anna und ich bin ein wirklich glücklicher Mensch!

Ich bin in Italien, in der Provinz Venetien, geboren und aufgewachsen. 2011 zog ich etwas zufällig nach Deutschland, wo ich noch lebe und als Sozialarbeiterin und Koordinatorin von Jugendbegegnungen auf nationaler und europäischer Ebene arbeite.

Die Begegnung mit den 3 Prinzipien war der Beginn eines weiteren großen Abenteuers: die Entdeckung eines neuen Gleichgewichts, das es mir seither erlaubt, ohne Angst durch die Höhen und Tiefen des Lebens zu gehen. Das ist die neue Perspektive, die ich mit meinem Coaching, mit dem Blog, mit meinen Beiträgen und jeden Tag in meiner Arbeit als Sozialarbeiterin verbreiten möchte.

2015 habe ich in Nürnberg einen zweiten akademischen Weg eingeschlagen: Im Jahr 2020 erforschte ich mit meiner Bachelorarbeit den Mehrwert des „3-Prinzipien“- Ansatz im sozialarbeiterischen Kontext.

A truly engaging and interactive learning experience!

This year we’re going to host the Three Principles Italian Conference on a powerful online platform that will allow you to:

  • Attend and contribute to life changing live sessions by raising your hands and asking questions.
  • Interact with the speakers and other partecipants by joining small group conversations at the Virtual Tables in the lounge room.
  • Meet new like minded people by attending “Speed Networking” sessions during the coffee breaks.

And even more… (Click the full screen button on the video to take a look.)

Joining is quick, easy (and free), what are you waiting for?


  1. Register to the event by going to this address.
  2. If you need some help (to join or to use the platform’s features), just follow this step by step tutorial.

We’re pretty sure that this opportunity will help you to see everything from a wider perspective, to make your life easier and enjoy it on a new level!

Attending the Italian Three Principles Congerence made me enter a state of mental peace and quiet silence full of answers.

The thing I liked the most was Chiara's opening speech, she immediately put everyone in connection as human beings. An endless connection. I have had a great experience since this inception.

I bring home a greater connection with life and people, a more lively hope on the possibilities that each of us has to live the life we want, and more lightness!

I thought there would be "nothing new" for me. But then you really realize how the levels of understanding are infinite; and how your life can always be better than it already is!

I now have a greater understanding of the 3 Principles. I gained more clarity in the way of bringing my voice into the world and my relationship with the students improved, as did their interpersonal relationships and their performances.

When something really interests me, I go everywhere and do whatever it takes. The result? Since I returned from the Three Principles Italian Conference, I have been feeling better, more centered, and I feel more confidence in myself.